The Advantages of QR Code-Based Tracking in Supply Chain Management

26 Apr 2024


The QR codes are stand for ‘Quick Response’ codes. Whenever we buy something we can see coded print with some typical square boxes and patterns that are called the QR codes. The shopkeeper scanned the QR codes every time when the products are about to make the billing. At present, the QR codes are not only useful but also very secure. In this section, there will be an elaborative description that will help you to reach out to the benefits of QR codes utilization to improve the transparency in the supply chain management system. In this case, the ‘Food Ecosystem’ provides the best food protection management strategies using the advanced technology called the blockchain.

What does a QR code includes?

The patterned QR codes are now a day has become widely in use. Every product has its own quick response codes that consist al the detailed information about the product like; the manufacture date, details of the product, part numbers and details, batch number, dates, history, and other related crucial information. The codes are generally pasted on the products as well as on the packaging as well.

Why the QR codes are efficient for a better supply chain?

Let’s explain it with an understandable example. Suppose, you have found a product as per your preference and want to buy it. The tracking-based QR code from the company will provide you every single detail along with a real-time update for the database system. After that, you make the payment for the product and go for the scanning and you will get to see more about the product details without any manual interference. This is why the supply chain management system is hugely in use.

Prohibits the trespassers and terminates wastage- The quick response codes have become more beneficial to improve the quality of the supply chain management system while creating the protection ring around the food products. Most of the scams are being seen while supplying the food products from one place to another. The QR codes help not only to store the products’ but also the serial numbers to maintain the products counting on a line. This specific feature will eliminate the scams while supplying the food items along with reduces the chances of wastages.

Provides tracking and tracing- The given quick response codes are pasted on the products and packaging also to get spontaneous tracking. The real-time tracking of transportation will keep the supply chain more transparent and increase the reliability of the logistics companies as well. This is also an impressive advantage of having the codes. On top of that, blockchain technology is there for more effective results.

Apart from this, as the codes include more detailed data about the products along with tracking features thus, the whole process from start to end stays under real-time tracking and make it easier to find the loaded transports rather than calling up to different people for gathering updates. In short, it is a great combination to revive the food protection strategy system and ‘Food Ecosystem’ does that.