Build a Trusted Platform by Mapping the Journey of Food Accurately

Food Integrity App

EyeOnRisk Food Integrity App

Link your food safety records directly to the blockchain. Get a complete food integrity solution by downloading the EyeOnRisk Food Integrity App with the security of the VDG QR code and verify anything within seconds. It is a fantastic option for the auditors since they can rest assured that all their crucial food safety records and CCP records are genuine.


The agriculture industry is benefitting significantly from blockchain technology. The outdated way of tracking the supply chain management system makes the whole process opaque. With blockchain solution, we prevent future food scandals from occurring and ensure you get genuine and quality food items from paddock to plate.

Food Certification

Food Ecosystems demonstrates the integrity of ingredient by using blockchain technology. Now, you can verify every detail of a food item, including the information - non-GMO, gluten-free, halal, vegan, allergen-free food. Above all, you get a food safety certification verified with the security of blockchain. It is a great way to build brand confidence among consumers.

Supply Chain Mapping

Blockchain technology makes it easier to complete the food journey from the origin to the consumer with optimum security. The supply chain traceability features on the blockchain prevent the loss, boost the supply chain efficiency and eliminate fraud within seconds.