There Is A Solution For Counterfeit and Fraud Products

26 Apr 2024


We understand that companies have been fighting counterfeiters for years, investing vital time and resources to guard against the risk of defective and fake products entering the production supply chain.

In fighting these battles, companies have been forced to operate in the dark along with some parts of the supply chain because fragmented information, data, networks, and sourcing arrangements make it challenging to trace and authenticate.

But there is hope for manufacturers and stakeholders to gain the ability to shine a light on fraudulent activity. With considerable advances in blockchain-with-IoT counterfeit detection, provide at-a-glance visibility, tracing, and recording provenance data from source to sale.

Food Ecosystems can help you realize these benefits with finished solutions that can be customized to suit your business or supply chain by offering a significant financial and competitive advantage for those looking for complete transparency.

What makes the impact of counterfeiting so harmful is its reach is that it affects so much. Fraudulent parts and goods affect every stage of the product or food life cycle. You can look at the manufacturing floor to the point of sale, to the servicing function, and beyond all of this driving up costs, eroding revenues, and damaging company reputations and brands.

Companies invest significant time and money tracking products, verifying provenance, corresponding with partners, and filling out copious documentation to ensure the authenticity of their products.

We can help you here at Food Ecosystems with a finished solution that works with existing systems, any database and doesn't require hardware upgrades to your current set up.

If you're not at least a little curious, then you might be in the wrong line of business. Find out more today.