’Food Ecosystem” dealing with deception

26 Apr 2024


How does the ‘’Food Ecosystem” dealing with deception?

The supply chain is positively involved with the blockchain technology that enables a threat free and safe format in supplying and transferring data. It is not possible to run behind every vehicle to follow its way towards the destination. It is also impossible to rectify and maintain each and every record physically. So, with blockchain technology, it is now under control and just one tap away. As the “Food Ecosystem” uses the secure blockchain system to enhance and check all the procedures, you can reliably depend on us. Now, what makes blockchain so tightly secure? Well, the answer is the smart contracts that build a format with the in build code and allows an agreement between two users inside the same connected system. The presence of the smart contracts along with cryptocurrency makes the whole system safe and trifle free from any other non-users and keeps all the updated transferred data inside the system.

The “Food Ecosystem” keeps a strict eye with holding uptight by enabling these processes below while any food supply or transfer.

Product Description- With the given QR code on each and every product is safe from any tampering from outside.

The Documentation- A thorough checking of QR codes of the products by using public-key- cryptography along with blockchain secures the originality of the documents.

Legitimacy- As there is a QR code with every product, the documents, origin and product information get cleared by scanning the code.

Clearance – The Food Ecosystem ensures safety along with transparency on every single stage, starting from packaging to deliver along with the return policy as well. So, no other outside tampering cannot affect the given weight of the food, and this results in zero wastage of food.